This site will contain guides and musings about technologies that give individuals and businesses more freedom and self-sovereignty. I'll be focusing on Bitcoin and other technologies that are truly decentralized and open-source. I'm also interested in APIs and macroeconomics. The goal is to take technical topics, tools, and systems within these domains and make them more accessible to increase usage and understanding.

Posts here will range widely in overall complexity. Some posts may be absurdly simple for you while others may fly right over your head. As long I can bring things down a level or two in complexity to broaden the number of people who can understand that topic, I will consider it a success.

My background is as a solutions engineer and technical writer at LinkedIn and Recurly. My work at these companies was focused on solving problems and explaining the intricacies of APIs, AdTech, payments, and billing to both technical and business people to help them build valuable products. Consider me a Silicon Valley guy in recovery.

Find me on these unfortunately centralized, closed source platforms:



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