Here's a quick overview of what I've built. My full Github account is here: alexbarron

Hiko - Flight Information App (AngularJS & Rails)

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April 2016
Hiko is a tool for air travel nerds to look up flight, airport, and airline information.

  • Built front-end interface with AngularJS to dynamically create, load, and update content
  • Built back-end API using Ruby on Rails
  • Integrated Devise authentication gem with AngularJS and Rails to enable user registration
  • Used Bootstrap to create basic styling
  • Created custom Angular directive to display list of flights and their information
  • Designed database schema and ActiveRecord associations for 5 Rails models
  • Configured ActiveRecord joins association and database table to track users and the flights they’ve bought
  • Used Active Model Serializers gem to package Rails back-end data into JSON
  • Created custom Angular filter for displaying flights based on departure times
  • Implemented Google Maps API in a custom directive to display geodesic flight paths
  • Used Geocoder gem to geocode airports and support marker creation with the Google Maps API

Fantasy NBA Game (Rails & jQuery)

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March - April 2016
A fantasy basketball game with leagues, salary caps, real players, and more.

  • Used Sidekiq gem to process bulk updating of player stats and team scores
  • Set up Facebook OmniAuth registration and log in
  • Scraped Basketball Reference with Nokogiri
  • Built Rails API and packaged JSON data with Active Model Serializers gem
  • Used jQuery for dynamic content creation and loading
  • Used HandlebarsJS to organize HTML templates in JavaScript
  • Configured Devise for user authentication and registration
  • Created player stat charts with ChartJS
  • Maintained skinny controllers and views with Rails model and helper methods
  • Built nested forms to create parent and child models within 1 form
  • Configured CanCanCan gem to control permissions for admins, users, and visitors

Wedding Planning App (Sinatra)

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February - March 2016
A simple app for engaged couples to track wedding guests, vendors, and expenses.

  • Used Sinatra to build MVC web application
  • Built user authentication flow with Bcrypt gem
  • Restricted content access for correct users only with custom helper methods
  • Used Boostrap to structure content
  • Used Rack and MethodOverride to utilize PUT and DELETE methods in Sinatra forms

NBA Stats CLI Ruby Gem (Ruby)

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February 2016
A command line Ruby gem for quickly accessing up-to-date NBA player stats. Run "gem install nba-stats" in your terminal to install.

  • Built command line interface in Ruby
  • Designed object-oriented Ruby structure to organize teams and players
  • Packaged and published on
  • Used Terminal Tables gem to present data to user
  • Scraped Basketball Reference with Nokogiri

Gigglr - Comedy Show Tracker (Rails)

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October - November 2015(Before Flatiron School)
Gigglr helps stand up comedy fans never miss when their favorite comedians perform near them.

  • Used Ruby on Rails to build MVC structure
  • Wrote Rspec and Capybara tests for unit and feature tests
  • Used FactoryGirl and Faker gem for spoofing Rails models in tests
  • Configured VCR and Webmock gems to mock API calls in Rspec tests
  • Used Geocoder gem to geocode comedy club locations and users’ location
  • Configured Delayed Jobs gem and Action Mailer to email users when a comedian adds a show near them
  • Used Simple Form gem to create forms
  • Implemented user registration and authentication with Devise gem
  • Set up Paperclip gem to handle file upload of comedian pictures
  • Used session variables to re-direct users to requested page after log in or registration
  • Built and designed schema for Postgres database
  • Created 2 join tables to track comedians’ followers and shows